What’s So Special About Cannabis360?

Cannabis360 is affiliated with one of the largest publishers in the US, driving local, news websites and newspapers across the country, including in recreational-friendly states. Cannabis legislation and business are widely reported by our editorial teams and read by our local audiences. Our local media outlets are welcoming to cannabis businesses offering effective advertising strategies and an engaged local audience.

But we’re more than a publisher. Cannabis360 is a full-service cannabis digital marketing agency focused on crafting your brand story, finding your best audience and driving brand awareness for your business. Our digital-first marketing pros understand the challenges of cannabis marketing and offer strategies using up-to-the-minute tech.

Advancing Cannabis Marketing in the Digital Space

This team builds world-class strategies for cannabis businesses and brands, using world-class technology, street-smarts and digital acumen. These industry pros combine their industry knowledge with the traction and reporting digital media enables, solving problems, growing clientele, even conquesting business from competitors. You want them on your team, creating the kind of deep bench you need to be nimble and grow your business at scale.

Carrie Jacoby

Carrie Jacoby, Sr. Manager Extraordinaire

Carrie’s industry knowledge paired with digital acumen drives our strategies.

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