Email Marketing for Your Cannabis Business

In today’s digital environment, cannabis businesses have multiple social media channels they can utilize to reach customers. But it’s important not to discount the power of email marketing. Think about it: you probably check your email every day. And with the proliferation of smartphones, consumers can check their email from anywhere. Learn more about how to leverage email marketing from

The Benefits of Using Email Marketing

Cannabis is a rapidly growing industry: Yahoo Finance reports that the cannabis market is currently valued at $27.7 billion and predicted to grow to $82 billion in the next five years. That’s great news for cannabis consumers, but it may mean that business owners have to work even harder to stand out from their competition.

Sending emails to current and potential customers is a way to build relationships and drive traffic to your website or social channels. The advantages of using email marketing include:

  • Affordability: Email marketing has a low barrier to entry. Many email marketing services have tiered pricing and even free options, so you can keep your costs low when you’re just getting started. Email is often less expensive than other types of advertising, and platforms often charge a flat monthly rate based on the number of contacts you have.
  • Personalization and segmentation: Most email marketing platforms allow you to personalize bulk messages to include a customer’s first name. You can also segment your audience by metrics like their activity, interests, or location so that each email is customized for its recipients.
  • Easily shareable: Unlike print media, email is very easy for customers to share with their circle of influence – it only takes a second to forward an email.
  • Data insights: Many marketing platforms can track metrics and generate reports. For example, you’ll often be able to see how many people received, opened, and clicked on your email. These insights can help you hone your messaging. Plus, you’ll be able to clean up your contact list by checking on the bounce rate, which shows incorrect or inactive email addresses.

Even when your contacts don’t read each email in its entirety, simply getting in their inbox is helping to build brand awareness. When these consumers look for a cannabis business or dispensary, they’ll be more likely to think of you first.

Types of Email Marketing

Marketing emails should always have a specific goal in mind. While you might occasionally send out an email to everyone in your contact list, it’s best to tailor your messages so that customers find the information valuable and are less likely to unsubscribe. You may already be sending emails when you have special sales or new products, but there are many other opportunities to send targeted emails. These include:

Welcome Emails

This is a standard welcome message that you can send out any time someone signs up for your email list. A welcome email thanks customers for their interest in your brand, offers some basic information about your products or services, and directs the customer to learn more about your business. You can also use a welcome email to offer a new customer discount or other bonus, as well as invite the individual to sign up for specific lists, such as a weekly or monthly email newsletter.

Educational Emails

Cannabis is still a budding industry, so business owners have a unique opportunity to provide consumer education. You have a wealth of knowledge about cannabis: use your email campaigns as an avenue to share it. Emails can help clients learn more about different product types and brands, as well as different ways of using cannabis.

Survey Emails

Direct customer feedback is extremely valuable for helping you refine your product offerings and improve your services. Sending out a short survey to existing customers is a great way to garner useful information while letting them know they are appreciated. You can offer incentives, such as a coupon or gift certificate, to encourage your audience members to complete the survey.

With the right email strategies, you’ll be better able to convert cannabis-curious individuals into loyal customers.

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