Signage to Consider for Your Cannabis Business

The cannabis industry faces the same challenges as any sector – growing into new markets, finding new customers, and improving its product offerings. But cannabis business owners have a unique challenge: many find they are also educating their customers about cannabis products and usage. Signage is a simple way to inform customers, enhance your business, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Learn more in this blog post from

Implementing In-Store Signage

Cannabis decriminalization has expanded in recent years: 37 states now allow the medical use of cannabis products, and 21 states allow recreational usage, according to National Conference of State Legislatures. Because the cannabis industry is so new in the United States, business owners are often working with many first-time customers. Entering a dispensary for the first time might feel intimidating – a new customer may not know what their options are or how the shopping experience works.

There are several types of signage you can use to make your patrons feel more comfortable and welcome:

  • External signage to help with wayfinding
  • Static signage to identify products, prices, and point-of-sale (POS) terminals
  • Digital signage to provide dynamic product education or product menus

Some businesses opt for content management platforms that integrate their POS systems and digital signage. This allows staff to update signage in real-time, so their displays always reflect current pricing and product availability.

How Signage Benefits Your Business

It might seem obvious, but every aspect of your dispensary’s physical environment communicates your brand identity, from the layout of your business to the paint colors you choose. Clear and well-designed signage is an opportunity to reinforce your brand: who you are and what you value. The benefits of using signage include:

Onsite Marketing

With differing cannabis regulations across states, dispensaries have limited opportunities to use mainstream marketing. This means that marketing often has to happen inside the business itself. Informative signage makes a great first impression and helps customers feel more comfortable during their initial visit to a dispensary.

Educate Patrons

It’s normal for customers to feel overwhelmed by all their options, especially if they have never purchased cannabis products before. Digital signage can offer information about specific brands, product sourcing, pricing, and other details that help customers feel better equipped to make a decision. Customers may be unclear on the legal limits of what they can purchase in a single visit – informational signage can clarify regulations. Plus, signage presents information without making patrons feel pressured to make a purchase.

Free up Staff Time

Signage can answer many basic customer questions about pricing and product applications. This helps set employees up for success – they can spend more time interacting one-on-one with customers without having to field multiple inquiries at once.

Highlight Sales and Promotions

Businesses can use their digital signage to draw attention to specific promotions, upcoming events, holiday deals, or new products. With a content management system, you can even schedule this information ahead of time. You can also promote customer loyalty programs or other perks available for return customers.

Inventory Management

Integrating your digital signage with your POS terminals is a major time-saver. As employees process transactions, your digital menu will automatically update to reflect your current inventory. This frees up staff time and helps ensure your digital displays are always accurate as new customers come in.

Because digital signage is dynamic and can be updated whenever you have new products or promotions, it makes a great long-term investment for your store. And if you re-brand with a new logo or colors, you can always change your digital signage accordingly.

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